2018 Narcotics Anonymous Membership Survey

The 2018 survey received the highest member participation to date. There were 28,495 responses. Members were able to complete a survey at the 2018 World Convention of NA (WCNA) in Orlando, Florida, USA, or online. There were a few responses via mail. For this survey we had responses from 27 European countries and Russia. We collect these data to provide information about the NA Fellowship, to strengthen our public relations efforts, and to learn more about how and where we carry our message of recovery. We initiated a Membership Survey at WCNA in 1996 and have continued it for 22 years

NA Membership

NA is composed of people who come from many races, cultures, age groups, professions, and backgrounds. The only requirement to become an NA member is the desire to stop using drugs. The decision to become a member in the NA Fellowship rests with the individual.
There are no annual dues or fees for membership: We are self-supporting through member contributions and the sales of recovery literature.
NA is a community-based organization that holds more than 70,000 weekly meetings in 144 countries.

Only in Quebec, meeting are weekly held.


Based on survey responses, the average age of NA members is 46 years


The gender composite changed from 2015. In that survey, 41% were female and 59% were male.


The ethnic diversity of our membership, at times, seems to be correlated with geographic location; the 2018 survey was made available at WCNA in Orlando, Florida in our international journal The NA Way Magazine, and on our website. When we conducted this survey in 2018:

  • 70 % of respondents were Caucasian;
  • 13 % were African American;
  • 7 % were Hispanic;
  • 4% identified as multiracial;
  • 2 % were Asian;
  • 1 % was Indigenous; and
  • 1 % identified as other.

Approximately 63% of survey returns were completed online or via mail/fax. This survey seems to reflect the ethnicity of those who completed whether online or at the convention; the location of the convention may not have affected ethnicity responses. This survey did see a decrease with Caucasians and a slight increase with African-American and Hispanic members.

Importance of First NA Meeting

Influences to Attend First NA Meeting and to Stay in NA

The 2018 survey indicates that members perceive their first NA meeting as very important; we also asked respondents about their influence to stay in NA and 82% reported identification as a key component. Since NA meetings vary, both in members attending and meeting formats, we encourage people to try different meetings to find that vital identification.

In the graph below, the number one influence to attend NA meetings was an NA member 49%; a treatment facility or counseling agency was noted as the second important influence 45%. Many members are introduced to NA while participating in treatment and/or counseling, The Informational Pamphlet #29, An Introduction to NA Meetings, which explains practices that may be unfamiliar to those at their first meeting or early in recovery could be helpful to persons in early recovery.
Multiple answers were permitted; only the top seven choices are shown.


Meeting Attendance

Regular attendance at NA meetings provides the opportunity to experience the NA message of recovery. Members surveyed attend an average of 2.19 meetings per week.

Employment Status

Years Drug-Free

Based on survey responses, the average length of cleantime in NA is 11.41 years.


Drugs Used on a Regular Basis

Multiple answers were allowed.

Attending Other Twelve-Step Fellowships

No 61% Yes 39%

Quality-of-Life Improvement Areas

Multiple answers were allowed.

In 2018 the two areas that received overwhelming improvement with NA attendance were family relationships, where 91 percent of our members stated enrichment; and social connection, which was realized by 87 percent of the respondents. NA’s literature states that active addiction is marked by increased isolation and destruction with relationships. Recovery in NA has helped survey respondents to repair the damage in their lives from drug addiction.

Areas of Life Affected by Drug Use

Multiple answers were allowed.

For several years, professionals and members alike wondered whether addicts were able to maintain employment, familial relationships, and housing while using drugs. In the 2018 Membership Survey, the question was posed to the members: 48% of the respondents indicated that all areas of their lives were affected by drug use, and 42 percent stated that they were able to maintain employment. Areas most notably affected by drug use were committed intimate relationships and providing for a family.

About NA

Narcotics Anonymous is a worldwide fellowship of recovering addicts whose primary purpose is to help addicts stop using drugs by utilizing a twelve step approach. NA is not a religious organization and does not require any particular belief system. It teaches basic spiritual principles such as honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness, to name a few.
The specific practical application of these principles is determined by the individual member
NA members learn from one another how to live drug-free and recover from the effects of addiction. Although not associated with any religion, political group, organization, or institution, NA cooperates with professionals and the public by providing information about the fellowship.
In many communities, Narcotics Anonymous is listed in the white pages of the telephone directory. Another way to obtain local meeting information is by accessing the “NA Meeting Search” link at www.na.org. Questions about NA meetings in other countries or general information about the fellowship can be obtained by contacting NA World Services.

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